Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finally Some Movement

Today I finally received my formal compensation and benefits package offering from HR. While I won't post it here, I will say I am very pleased with the entire package and have accepted it. The team working on my transition did an amazingly thorough job to ensure I would qualify for all of the same benefits Indian Nationals receive. Such benefits include food vouchers for the office cafeteria, a flex account that let's you draw for everything from medical to fuel for your car, and a Savings and Retirement plan with a hearty company match.

The offer roll out and acceptance is done a bit different there then we do it here. First they disclose the financial package to you, then if you accept it, they make a formal job offer. In the states you first find out if you're offered the position, then upon acceptance find out the pay and benefits (at least that's been my experience). So it's nice going in knowing what I'm making and not having to accept an offer without knowing if it's going to work for me or not. I should have the formal offer letter tomorrow.

Additionally I received the Visa Application form and a list of required documents necessary in order to secure my Employment Visa. There is a law firm in Mumbai working on all of these things for me, for the nominal fee of $1350 USD (Visa and lawyer fees combined), which was not included in my benefits package. I was able to complete the application without any trouble, but the list of documents needed was pretty vast and might take me a day or so to compile. They are asking for everything from birth certificates to college transcripts. I am hoping to have everything sent to them by tomorrow on the off chance they can get it filed this week. Once it's filed, it will take approximately 2 weeks to be approved and I'll be on my way!

I'm just hoping I arrive in India before my belongings do, as I don't believe customs will release them to anyone but me and I dont' know what will happen if I'm not there to receive them!

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