Friday, June 3, 2011

Finalizing Employment In India

Monday June 6th will mark the end of my employment hiatus and have me reporting to the office. In the past month since I've worked, I've certainly taken boredom to new levels and I'm looking forward to working and getting into a routine not to mention having some money coming in.
As per the eight page employment contract I was required to sign upon accepting my position, there is a long list of items I need to arrive with the first day I report to the office. I thought I'd share this with you, as well as a few comments on what is being requested.

Highest Degree Certificate     
      Easy Enough. I had to provide a copy of my college diploma and transcripts in order to be considered for this position, so although they've already been provided to HR, there's no problem providing them again on my first day of work.

Document Showing Date of Birth/Passport
      I have copies of both my Passport and Birth Certificate so this is no problem, and completely reasonable.

Class X Certificate
      I have no clue what this is. If anyone can clue me in, please feel free.

Photocopy of PAN ID
      I equate this to a Social Security Card. I have applied for a PAN card online, but need to submit my Resident Registration and copies of my Passport in order to complete the application process, except no one can tell me where to send these documents. Even on the website I filled out my PAN application form, there are no instructions on where to send the remaining documents.

2 Passport Sized Photographs
      Indian society is so big on having a photo in order to make any document legal. I've had to provide photos for my apartment lease, my cell phone, and Internet service. Any legal contract or service requires this. There are photo shops everywhere that can do this for you, and once I realized how often I'd need to produce these photographs, I just went and had several printed up and carry them with me every where I go. It seems to be an expectation that you'll be able to produce one any where at any time.

2 Copies of Relieving Letter/Experience Certificate From All The Previous Organizations
      That's right. India requires that you produce a letter showing that every former organization you list on your resume has accepted your resignation. Thankfully I only listed two on my resume, however with as young as we start working in The States and the number of jobs most Americans have in their lifetime, can you imagine having to produce a letter showing that each organization accepted your resignation?! My thought is, the fact that I no longer show up to work there is proof enough of their acceptance.
      Additionally, they want a letter detailing your experience at each of your past employers. They won't simply take your word for what you have listed on your resume. I've been told that if you leave an Indian company without putting in the proper notice period, they will refuse you the Experience Certificate/Letter basically nullifying your time spent at that company. I've heard it's virtually impossible to get hired on anyplace without having these certificates/letters from your former employers.

Copy of Latest Salary Slip From All The Previous Organizations
      Since the dawn of direct deposit, I have never printed a pay stub unless I was applying for a loan. I don't have a single one of these from my most recent employer, and certainly not from past employers.

Copies of Requisite Approvals and Work Permits/Visas for Continued Residence and Employment in India
      This makes sense. Of course you only want to hire people legally allowed to work in your country.

So I'll be able to show up my first day with a few things, but will have to talk to them about the other items they are requesting that I might have trouble getting. The company I worked for prior to this one no longer even exists so hopefully they'll go easy on me over some of these items.


  1. Living proof that it isn't just in the US that the red-taping of the common person is alive and well!

  2. well class X certificate is marksheet of year 10th. Year 10th is the last year of secondary education in India. year 11 & 12 is higher secondary school where one can choose sicence / commer/arts stream. So year 10th grade are crucial in getting the right stream in next level. Also that certificate documents students, name, DOB, caste and religion which is very important given the reservation system in India.
    Hope this helps