Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Between The Sheets

Fitted bedsheets in India are akin to unicorns and leprechauns. You might believe they are out there somewhere, but can't find any physical evidence to support their existence. I've shopped at small local stores, big department stores, home stores, even the place we purchased our 8" mattress from did not have a single fitted sheet. I've purchased unstitched sheet sets, only to take them to my tailor who had no concept of what a fitted sheet was. They'll stitch snaps on the ends of the pillowcases so the pillows don't fall out, but can't do the same for the bed sheets. Even those handy elastic bands with clips on the end you can buy at Kmart for like $2 are no where to be found. When buying sheet sets, you get one flat sheet, and two pillow cases.
I still like to make the bed in the same fashion I did while living in the US. I like a sheet below me, and a sheet above me, between me and the comforter. Indians will just sleep on the bed sheet with a blanket over them. In the morning, the blanket is folded up and put away. It lends itself to sleeping on the bed rather then in the bed, like I'm used to. My husband, on the other hand, has some phobia of sleeping between the sheets. Besides claiming he'll get too warm, he's paranoid about getting tangled up in them and being trapped in the bed.
Unfortunately, no matter how well you tuck the flat sheet under the mattress, you generally end up sleeping directly on the mattress with the sheet bunched up beneath you and you end up having to remake the entire bed every morning from the bottom up. Such a drag.

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  1. I don't miss that! When I was living in India I used 2 flat sheets. I got my mom to send me the stretchy bands with clips on the ends and I dared hubby to pull my sheet off hahaha. I had those bands stretched tight and then I layered the top sheet over it (I tried to get matching ones of course) and then put pillows on the bed and folded it down like a motel room would. Maybe you can get someone to send you the bands (if you haven't already) and you can use the top sheet only on your side of the bed.