Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monkey-ing Around

I've often stated that living in Hyderabad is a bit like living at the zoo. Only on the other side of the fence. It's a common sight to see a minagerie of wildlife daily: cows, boars, camels, oxen, buffalo, peacocks, rats, cats, dogs, and lizards, just roaming freely (with the exception of the camels). We also have a bit of a monkey situation.
Every year our neighborhood is "blessed" with a set of twins. Twin monkies that is. While they are very small, mom and dad will accompany them for their afternoon playtime which consists of running along balcony walls, swinging from window ledges, and jumping around in a tree, they're now big enough to venture out on their own.
Living in a such a densely populated area, the monkies are in no way afraid of humans. If anything, they are curious. Nothing seems to scare them away and any human intervention only fuels their curiosity. Take a look at some video I shot last week.
Before I took this clip, the monkies had been playing first on my balcony. They had shredded up the everygreen bush outside my front door and had generally made a mess of the stairwell, so my watchman attempted to scare them away. They ran across the lane onto the apartment building directly across from ours. Our neighbor, who didn't know the monkies were on the prowl, did not see them but quickly discovered their presence.

The poor dear has something taken from her, the monkeys play around with it a little, then are chased off. You'll see the harrowing attempt by Ramu to scare them away and their clearly frightened reaction to his shouting and chasing them. Watch the getaway here.


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