Thursday, August 29, 2013

All Dogs Go To Heaven

You'll be missed, Buddy!
It's with a heavy heart that I report Steppy's passing. Steppy left us in the early hours this morning. I kind of suspected something was wrong. The past few days he's been a tad lethargic. I had noticed his eyes were a bit squinty and he wasn't his alert self. Sunday he even got goosed by a monkey and didn't get overly excited about it. When I stepped outside mid morning I noticed he was laying in his usual place, but not in his usual position. It seemed odd. I actually wondered at that time if he had died and thought of going down to poke him, but figured I was over-reacting. This afternoon when I got up, my maid confirmed for me that he had passed. She thinks it was due to his old age, but who knew how old he really was?
He was such a sweet soul. Every day when I got home I would receive such an enthusiastic greeting. He would dance in circles of excitement as I stepped down from the cab and bop his nose along my hand as I walked to my front door. Then when I closed the gate behind me, he'd sit beneath my balcony wagging his tail and whining for more attention.
Each afternoon when I'd step out to catch my cab he'd trot along with me and wait at my side until my cab arrived. Anytime I'd walk to the corner store, he'd be right along side me and wait outside until I completed my shopping and escort me back home.
He taught Leila and Doni compassion towards animals. He was patient with them while they overcame their fears and soon he became part of their games. He served as the unofficial security alarm for our apartment, ensured no other stray dogs made our lane their home, and he even rescued me from a rat once.
It was weird coming home today and not having him waiting. Perhaps another dog will move in, but never one as sweet as our Steppy.
You can read more about Steppy in 'A Dogs Life'

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